About Essence

Essence of Israel was established in 2003 in Port Elizabeth South Africa by Pam Holloway after moving back from living in Jerusalem. Having developed a great love for the people and place of Israel over the past 40 years, and provided much support to the Jewish people over her life, upon returning to her hometown to be with family, Pam set out to establish a little bit of Israel right here in Port Elizabeth.

Rooted in a love for the land and lives that God so loves, Essence of Israel always aimed to be more than just a shop that trades in Christian Products, Judaica, gifts and decor from Israel - it aimed to represent the heart and soul, or the essence of the great treasure that is Israel. For those who have been to the Holy land, and those who know the God of the Bible, you will have an understanding of what this means. For those who do not, we invite you to enter into the beauty of Jerusalem!

So what started out as a humble desire to represent the splendor of God's glorious land and support and bless the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, has developed over the years into a thriving little shop well known for supplying just about anything authentically Israeli, as well as a meaningful ministry to Christian and Jew alike as countless hours are spent sharing knowledge and insight to the customs, traditions, and products of the people of the Bible.

In addition to the retail element of the shop Essence of Israel, Pam and her husband Michael also fulfill the roles of SA Directors for Christian Friends of Israel, an international ministry based in Jerusalem that represents Christians worldwide who love Israel, and desire to express friendship and a united stand with Israel based on the Bible. See www.cfijerusalem.org for more info.

Essence of Israel is therefore a very unique and personal shop, blessing everyone who visits it in a special way.   Products include a wide variety of Judaica and Christian products, including scripture jewelry, pottery, olive wood carvings, books, anointing oils, prayer shawls (tallit), menorahs, shofars, hannukias, kiddish cups, books on Israel and Jewish roots, plus many other beautiful designer articles from Israel.

Essence of Israel is open weekdays from 9am-2pm and is able to ship products to anywhere in South Africa.


+27-82 543 0722

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